Your sign consultant will work with you throughout the entire process of having a sign manufactured. They will help you to understand what design and type of signage is best for your business and research the local signage ordinance. They will ensure that your expectations are met all the way through to the completion of the process.


Postema Signs prides itself in maintaining a reputable business relationship with local governmental entities by adhering to all sign and electrical ordinances and obtaining all the required permits. This will alleviate you from any unnecessary complications due to ordinance violations.


At Postema Signs we strive to create signage that is durable and dependable in our Grand Rapids based manufacturing facility. We use fabrication methods and materials that are proven and reliable. Electrical signs are all constructed with the supervision of a licensed sign specialist in an UL-approved facility.

Our signs are painted with Matthew Acrylic Polyurethane paints with a UV clear coat and baked in our state of the art EPA approved paint booth.

enviromentaly friendly painting

We have invested in a Garmat EPA 6H compliant paint booth with a 99% capture efficiency rating. Not only is this safe but, we save on energy use with 98% direct fired burners, high efficiency motors and recycle on bake functions.


A state-licensed sign specialist supervises all signage installation. These individuals have been trained and certified using the Michigan Electric Code. Postema Signs believes that the safety of its customers and its employees is critical in doing business.

Because our facility and equipment allows us to build your sign on our premises in Grand Rapids, we have also invested in vehicles necessary to perform the installation as soon as the production is complete.


It is very important that your sign functions as it was originally intend to. We operate a dedicated service vehicle to ensure that we are able to respond quickly to your service needs. Whether we fabricated the sign or not we are able to work on your sign. If you are interested in converting your existing fluorescent lit sign to energy efficient LED lighting we have some very cost effective and reliable options.

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