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At Postema Signs we are cautious about what we are contributing to the landfills. We are doing our part to recycle what we can. It is important that we are not filling up our landfills with plastic and mercury from lamps.

When we service or remove old signs we dispose of the fluorescent and neon lamps using an environmental disposal company. The mercury from the fluorescent and neon lamps hazardous waste and must be handled properly. We also recycle all the aluminum, steel, transformers and ballast from old signs. In addition, the white polycarbonate sign faces are recycled and all acrylic that is left over from manufacturing is recycled.

In our offices we separate waste paper and cardboard from other trash and it is recycled.


Over the last few years many innovations have been made in the lighting industry. LED lighting has become very affordable and we are now lighting nearly all of our signs with LED’s instead of fluorescent lamps. With LED lighting we typically see a 50% reduction in the amount of energy used. Of course we will still use fluorescent and HID lighting when required but you will need to request it. When fluorescent lamps are used we choose an electronic ballast which will use about 25% less energy to operate than a standard magnetic ballast.

Our electronic message centers manufactured by Watchfire Signs are UL energy verified. Through UL’s Energy Efficiency Certification Program, manufacturers demonstrate that their products are helping lower energy demand. Watchfire focuses on using high quality, energy efficient components to reduce overall power consumption. The average energy usage of a Watchfire sign is about 1/3 of the maximum amperage requirement. Watchfire was also the first in the industry to be UL Energy Efficiency Verified.

To conserve energy and reduce waste we have also converted all of the lighting at our facility from fluorescent to LED lighting.

enviromentaly friendly painting

We have invested in a Garmat EPA 6H compliant paint booth with a 99% capture efficiency rating. Not only is this safe but, we save on energy use with 98% direct fired burners, high efficiency motors and recycle on bake functions.

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